Embracing a Learning Mindset

Just my luck… After spending the last 17 years as a full-time student, my thirst for knowledge has hit its peak. Frustratingly, just as I finally leave the formal education system, I want to learn now more than ever. I love to read up on the world through my subscription to The Economist. I listen to cheesy leadership audiobooks, the same books I used to make fun of my mom for reading. I try to learn about new facilities and trends in sports through reading various articles I find on LinkedIn and the Sports Business Journal. I am even studying to write my GMAT exam as I consider the possibility of pursuing a part-time MBA in the near future.

At first, I was frustrated that I spent a little too much time setting fantasy lineups during class, and not enough time truly engaging with my professors and the course content. I almost became mad that my passion for learning is higher now than it was before. I now know that that shouldn’t be the case. I now realize that it’s a good thing that my desire to learn is growing.

While my experience in the “real world” is still limited in comparison to most, I know that giving up the passion for learning is a sure-fire way to stagnate your career. The ones who continue to learn and grow when they “don’t have to” are the people who seem to rise to the top. How many of the “game changers” in the business world share stories of their morning routine that are filled with reading and bettering themselves? Nearly all of them.

What’s my point? Regardless if you’re a current student or long removed from being one, you should embrace a mindset that prioritizes development and learning. That doesn’t necessarily have to occur in a ‘traditional’ form, such as pursuing a degree. In 2017, there are thousands of worthwhile videos, articles, books, and courses that are accessible with the click of a button. If you continue to embrace and invest in yourself throughout life, I’m willing to bet you’ll quickly find yourself progressing in whatever path you choose to pursue.

So read a book. Take a free online course. Invest in yourself. You’ll be glad you did!



About Tyler Fitch

Tyler Fitch is an ex-2nd line left winger of the Goulbourn Minor Peewee ‘B’ Rams, where he averaged a point per game and carried his team, clearly marking his destiny as a future NHLer. With the Edmonton Oilers, he realized his dream, albeit as an Account Specialist of Premium Services. His passions include travelling the world, shiny new sports facilities, and Diet Pepsi.

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