Sara Campbell

Hi, I’m Sara and I love almost everything under the sun, including reading, travel, meeting people, sports, and so much more. I also love learning, writing, and bettering myself. I’m a graduate from Sports Administration at Laurentian University, a MBA candidate, and a budding sports communications person. Nothing sounds more fun to me than working in a fast-paced, chaotic, high-stress environment, which is the reason I'm drawn to communications. Sports are fun and fantastic. I love basically every aspect of sport, but my two favourite things are the raw emotion so deep it captivates you and how it brings people together.

I grew up in the pool as a competitive synchronized swimmer. I literally would sweat chlorine growing up, and even now the smell of chlorine brings back fond memories from the pool. I've dedicated over half of my life to the sport - swimming for 10 years and now coaching. It was synchro that fostered my love for sports and shaped me into the person I am today. After a total 360, I am now a competitive kickboxer and looking forward to getting into the ring for the first time later this year. I carry with me the values competitive sport has instilled and the camaraderie that comes from being a part of a team.

Throughout the past six years, I have worked with sports teams and entities to engage fans during and outside of games, and I have loved every minute of it. I have accomplished this through various vehicles including story writing, social media, website content, press releases, and facilitating media access. Developing creative ways to share storylines, and creating content that excites fans are two of my strengths. I currently work In-Game Communications for the Sudbury Wolves Hockey Club. My job includes all things social media, writing, and facilitating the post-game press conference. Ultimately, I love what I do and I have a lot of fun. Having fun is how I plan to spend all eight days a week working towards my ultimate goals.

Stay a while, read a while, and send me a message every once in a while because I would love to hear from you.