To MBA or Not To MBA

To MBA or not to MBA – that is the question.

My (un)healthy obsession with LinkedIn, and reading, has lead me to many different articles or posts regarding MBA’s. To add to the opinions on whether to MBA or not to MBA, here are my thoughts as a 20-something MBA candidate a few courses in…

If you are thinking about doing your MBA, my advice is do it. For people who aspire to move in to management roles, run their own business, or want to expand their fundamental knowledge of business then it really is a great program. Although I understand that there would be anywhere between one and one million factors that could affect whether an MBA is a possibility for you, if you can swing it, pick up that bat.

Ultimately, everyone who I talk to who has their MBA raves to me about how fantastic it is and is incredibly supportive of the venture itself. Unfortunately, I also hear advice that is the polar opposite – that it’s unnecessary, that “real life” experience trumps academia, and that time can better be focused on other business/entrepreneurial ventures. And there are parts of that that I agree with – an MBA certainly isn’t necessary, the same way receiving a prestigious degree at Western’s Richard Ivey School of Business isn’t necessary for success. But, at the same time, it doesn’t hurt. I also know that you can gain “real life” experience while obtaining your MBA simultaneously.

So, do what your heart tells you.

For me, I love the program. I have been able to learn a great deal in the short time that I have been a part of the program. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. The great part about it is it focuses on business fundamentals that I can put into practice, or observe from my managers actions on a daily basis, whether it be good or bad. The program has also been incredibly challenging and time consuming – more than my undergrad. Possibly because I take it more seriously… One of the reasons I decided now would be the best time for me to start was I knew writing my GMAT and getting back into the “school mode” would be more and more challenging the longer I was out.

My advice to anyone thinking about an MBA is to find a program that works for you and is laid out in a practical way. For me, flexibility was important but for you, maybe it’s price, course options, prestige, or location. The options seem limitless, so I’m sure you can find a program that meets your needs – it’s worth looking in to.

And there it is – all the answers and none of the answers, all at the same time.



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