Hitting the Twitter Jackpot

Ah, Twitter. Instagram’s ugly stepsister. A place where people, organizations, and celebrities can flock to share opinions, news, and stories. A place where you can spend hours of your time and often gain little valuable knowledge. A place where ninety percent of your news feed is skimmable.

We all know that Twitter can be a useful medium for businesses and individuals alike. But how do you become part of that ten percent? It is incredibly difficult to make your Twitter account stand out through the clutter of your consumers’ news feeds. Many verified accounts have found success through posting cheeky tweets, like Wendy’s or the Los Angeles Kings. These accounts make playful jabs at their rivals and consumers. It’s fun, it works, and people love it. Recently, the Vegas Golden Knights have tried to do the same thing. It’s annoying, it’s overkill, and I hate it.

Exhibit A: Huh?

Exhibit B: My palm actually hit my face while reading this.

Exhibit C: At least more creativity went into this tweet than into their team name.

Jokes and puns are good, but the Golden Knights are overdoing it. They very quickly transitioned from funny to annoying. And yet, many people disagree.  If you scroll through the “replies” on their tweets, most people are commenting that they have the best Twitter account in the NHL. Others, like me, argue elsewise.

Regardless of your opinion, the important thing to understand is that people are talking about it. The Vegas Golden Knights are doing something different. I might think it’s terrible, but at least it’s different. People talk about different. People have opinions about different. It’s never a bad thing to be different.

The Golden Knights gained a significant Twitter following within their first year. They run a Twitter account that breaks through the clutter. I’m not a fan, yet here I am, blogging about it. They must be doing something right.




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