Experiences Are The New Savings

I think that there are two main reasons for this: the post-grad reality and the post-grad mindset.

First is the post-grad reality. As much as people hate on millennials, we can’t deny that the reality graduates face is very different than it was in the past. Despite our degree being the biggest financial investment of our lives thus far, it will not automatically make us viable for a job, never mind anything above entry level.

Because of this, the entire way we are living our post-secondary reality has taken a drastically different shape than that of the generations before us. From delaying making major purchases and opting to rent homes and lease vehicles, to working two or three jobs and clocking in many more hours than 40 every week – we’re soaking up various kinds of experiences and transitioning from one to another at a very fast pace.

And that’s okay, because the second reason that experiences are the new savings is the post-grad mindset.

It’s a mindset that we’ve had to embrace because of the reality of the job market and economy. Those two factors dealt us a hand that make the traditional route more difficult to take, and frankly, seeing others do it before us without being truly happy made it an uninspiring option. Because of that, instead of feeling as though we’re missing out while we’re not on the beaten trail, we’re creating our own.

These trails typically have a bunch of caution signs, don’t guarantee any level of comfort, and it is debatable if there is a pot of gold, or silver, or bronze, waiting for us at the end. And again, that’s okay.

The experiences we gain from working various jobs we actually enjoy, from turning our passion project into our full-time gig, from backpacking the world or volunteering in our hometown – they add up.

They don’t add up as savings do to buy a house or cars, and might not guarantee a retirement within the next 40 years.

But, if we see experiences as a way of living, and savings as a way of planning, what’s the best way to live? Planning to live, or living?



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My name is Julie, or Julie-Anne for anyone that knew me prior to age 9. I have been actively running, skiing, skating, hiking and biking since the day I was able to pick myself back up after falling. I join Eight Days A Week to combine my love for sport and writing, and strong appreciation of creativity and teamwork.

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