Don’t Let You Tell You What To Do

Seriously, don’t let you do it.

Often times we can be our own worst enemy – sometimes it’s because we are our harshest critic, sometimes it’s because we set too many limits internally, and sometimes it’s because we overthink so many moments and interactions that we get stressed over things that haven’t even happened to us yet. Yesterday, I was stressed about a job not helping me reach my end goal – but I didn’t even have the job and I hadn’t even applied. We always hear people give advice of don’t let people tell you what to do, or we hear firecrackers say they don’t have to do anything anyone tells them but what about silencing the loudest voice of them all? What about the times when the person you really need to silence is you?

How many times this week did you talk yourself out, or in, to something you really probably shouldn’t have? Small things – not going to the gym, hitting your alarm three more times than you should have, making conversation with someone, spending too much money on take out. Bigger things like talking yourself out of having a tough conversation with someone or not taking a risk in your job, love life, etc.

Our mind is always the first thing that gives. The perfect example of it is in sports, whether it’s working out or training to compete, your mind will give up before your body will. I have never once passed out from holding plank; I have however, dropped to my knees because I made myself believe I couldn’t do it. Mind over matter. Coaches and trainers have drilled this into me my entire life – they focus on how important your mental control is to succeed in sports. You have to silence those inner thoughts telling you what to do. But it’s not only important for holding plank – it’s important in every aspect of our lives.

We hold ourselves back so subconsciously we sometimes can’t even recognize that we are doing it. It’s like the saying sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. You aren’t afraid of the action itself, you are afraid of the unknown.

Ultimately, there is only one person who truly stops you from doing what you want – from moving out of a city you hate, from quitting a job you can’t stand, from picking up a new sport, from any action, instance or conversation. That person is you.

So stop letting you tell you what to do. Reflect on what you are doing and make sure you are doing it for you, and only you. Get to know yourself, own what really makes you happy, and let that voice be the one that drives your decisions. Make sure your actions are aligned with your ambitions and with your happiness. Do it for you.



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  1. Marilyn bassett

    These a great Sarah! Nice to read and very true. I hope you get a lot of readers because they are somethings everyone could benefit by. We are in control of how we chose to think.

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