Welcome to Eight Days A Week! I am really happy you are here and I hope you enjoy your time. I’m excited to present this blog alongside some fantastic contributors. Since graduating from my undergrad, I have been actively working to continuously develop skills in an area I am extremely passionate about – communications. My love for writing, for sports, business and life, and for connecting with people has evolved my vision for a blog into what Eight Days A Week is now. The importance of finding and feeding your passion, whether it is in your career, personal life or beyond cannot be overstated. Instead of a recipe book for ultimate success, our blog will hopefully cultivate new thoughts and ideas through sharing experiences and reflections of successes or failures.

As a young professional, I take a great deal from others and their career paths. I learn not only when hearing from executives, but also from my peers. When I was in my first year of university one of my professors told me to look around, he told me that my best network was the people sitting around me in that room. It turns out that professors know exactly what they are talking about as my peers have turned into a supportive and budding network. They continue to connect me with new people and opportunities. They also continue to grow my mind.

Each of the Eight Days A Week contributors have graduated from Sports Administration at Laurentian University, the only program in Canada to pair a commerce degree with Sports Administration. The program is fantastic and offers experiential learning, including numerous opportunities inside the sports industry to build your network. Additionally, the program instills fundamental knowledge of business. Despite the same degree each contributor has chosen a different path and is focused on different levels/areas of sports and business. Their experience is extremely diverse including the Olympics, Toronto PanAm, National Sports Organizations (Hockey Canada, Sail Canada, Softball Ontario), the CFL, OHL, and NHL. Additionally, there are many fantastic opportunities outside of sport and I hope we can showcase some of those streams too. The range of variety is exciting, isn’t it? So continue reading, and tell us what you think!


Hi, I'm Sara! Thanks for reading my blog posts, I like that about you already. I grew up a synchronized swimmer, but since Team Canada didn't call and ask me to swim for them I decided to work in sports. I've created Eight Days A Week as a space to share my thoughts and hone through time.

I truly am thankful to have you reading Eight Days A Week - tell me what you think! One thing I love is people, so send me a message because I'd love to hear from you.

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Julie Lopez

Studying Spanish in Spain

My name is Julie, or Julie-Anne for anyone that knew me prior to age 9. I have been actively running, skiing, skating, hiking and biking since the day I was able to pick myself back up after falling. While writing took a little longer to stick, to the delight of my exhausted parents, it eventually nuzzled its way into my life. My first journal was given to me at age 9, which opened the flood gates for personal essays and creative storylines. I eventually graduated into sport write-ups for the athletic department of my university, and then worked my way to weekly contributions for the local newspaper, tackling social issues in sport around the world. Currently transitioning into the “adulting” phase of my life, I have finally come full circle. Combining my love for sport and writing, and strong appreciation of creativity and teamwork with the 8 Days a Week Team. 

Sami Sherry

Canadian Olympic Foundation

Hometown: North Bay

Top 3 Sports: Hockey, Soccer, Skiing

Field of Interest: Marketing, Communications & Events

Favourite super power: Teleportation

Life Goal(s): Happiness

Last Book I Read: Game of Thrones

Special Talents: Resident expert in Harry Potter trivia

Why I chose to contribute to Eight Days a Week: I love creative writing, teamwork, and being involved.

Tyler Fitch

Edmonton Oilers

Tyler Fitch is an ex-2nd line left winger of the Goulbourn Minor Peewee ‘B’ Rams, where he averaged a point per game and carried his team, clearly marking his destiny as a future NHLer. With the Edmonton Oilers, he realized his dream, albeit as an Account Specialist of Premium Services. His passions include travelling the world, shiny new sports facilities, and Diet Pepsi.


Roberto Bagnato

Pittsburgh Penguins

Roberto is a fourth-year Sports Administration student at Laurentian University. While on a mission to become the only Sudburian to “make it” in the hockey world without playing the sport, Roberto has spent time analyzing performance statistics with the Laurentian Mens’ Hockey Team and the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League. He is currently completing a second internship with the Pittsburgh Penguins in their Youth Hockey Department. While dedicating most of his time to Sidney Crosby’s Little Penguins program, Roberto has also been leading a research study to deem if he is the reason Phil Kessel is a back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion.

Cole Dinsmore

Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

Cole is the Marketing Coordinator at Georgian Bay Spirit Co., a growing Ontario-based alcohol company known for it’s tasty Gin and Vodka Smash. Having spent time at IMG, MLSE, and the CFL in Marketing and Partnership roles, an opportunity to help build a local alcohol brand was one he couldn’t pass up. While most of Cole’s experience comes within sport, he’s learning the alcohol industry one cocktail at a time. Cheers!


Maggie Brennan

Canadian Paralympic Committee

My name is Maggie, and I am the Special Projects Coordinator at the Paralympic Foundation of Canada. A “retired” varsity hockey player from Laurentian University, I now coach with the Nepean Girls Hockey Association helping young athletes try and reach their full potential in sport. I am a full-time nerd when it comes to the Olympic and Paralympic movements. Passionate about running [crazy right] and travelling. I am super excited to share my experiences, advice, and opinions alongside the other contributors here at Eight Days a Week.